Tag Team Back Again….  Whoomp There It Is!

Could the old school rap group that’s sold more than 7 million records worldwide right for your international concerts, cruise ship entertainment, or casino events?

Would this rap duo who produced and wrote one of the biggest rap singles in the history of recorded music be the perfect entertainment for your state fair, corporate junket, or Las Vegas residency?

Are these dedicated rap artists whose song is adored in stadiums and arenas across the world be the perfect entertainment for your halftime show, hockey intermission, or world cup period timeout.

You already know the answer.

Whoomp There It Is!

Tag Team is ready to showcase it’s high energy show to nostalgic fans of 90’s music worldwide.

International Shows

Tag Team has performed around the world to sold-out audiences everywhere. They are an internationally-acclaimed group with fan-bases in Europe, Asia and South America and every other continent that wants to party. They bring out the 1990s nostalgia all around the globe like nobody else does.

Halftime Entertainment for Sporting Events

There’s not a sports stadium or arena that doesn’t play Whoomp There It Is! Tag team performs frequently throughout the year at such events. The platinum selling hip-hop group has recently performed at halftime shows for the NBA’s Washington Wizards as well as in the playoffs for the L.A. Clippers.  They also would be perfect for your NFL, NHL, NCAA, WNBA, and World Cup Soccer events and more. Their track record speaks for them; they know how to keep a crowd energized and entertained at halftime or intermission.

Cruise Ships

Tag Team is perfect for a Cruise Ship performance. Their very presence on the ship will send ripples of excitement running through the customers, as folks who want to relive the ’90s will make sure the word is spread that the duo behind “Whoomp! (There it Is)” is on board.


Tag Team has experience of touring Casinos all around the world, so if you hire them for your casino then you can be sure of an experienced and professional operation. Furthermore, their legendary success will be sure to pull in customers who want a taste of that dream.

Las Vegas ’90s Themed Residency

If you are trying to conjure up the magic of the 1990s for your Las Vegas venue, then you want to hire an act which came to be definitive of the decade. If you hire Tag Team, then you will give your crowd the gift of their high energy unique 90s performance.

Corporate Junkets

What better way to reward your employees and colleagues for their hard work than to provide entertainment from one of the legends of ’90s hip hop. Your staff will have a great time and will return to work feeling refreshed and appreciated.

Private Parties

If you want to bring a little flavor from 90’s hip hop history to your private event, then Tag Team is the group for you. Turn your private party into the night that people will be talking about for years, with the legendary duo behind one of the biggest hits of the ’90s. Whoomp There It Is!

Opening Acts for Major Tours

If you need to get your crowd excited and ready for the headline act, then Tag Team is the act you require. Which crowd could fail to get fired-up by the people who made “Whoomp! (There it is)”? You’ll guarantee a audience who will be dancing and ready for more if you hire Tag Team as your opening act.

State Fairs

Your State Fair is the biggest event of the year, so bring in the big names who can pull in the crowds. You can guarantee that everyone will want to travel from all over the state when they hear that Tag Team is on the bill. Tag Team has experience of large events and big crowds, so you can be sure that your State Fair will be something special when you hire these old school pros of hip hop.

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