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Tag Team Back Again! Whoomp There It Is!

There’s something we all love about old school rap. It’s essence. It’s purity. This genre of music conjures memories of the good times growing up in a hip-hop culture that crafted us into the people we are today.

In 1993, DC The Brain Supreme and Steve Roll’n made rap history with the release of their hit single “Whoomp! (There it is!).” The song was much bigger, and much more enduring than either man ever imagined it would be. It has achieved the kind of legendary status that all musicians today dream about, but only a handful ever actually achieve.

This site is dedicated to the fans of Tag Team, and their timeless journey, in this amazing thing we call music. Keep up with the guys by following, liking or commenting on their various social platforms, news and nostalgic content globally. Come on, Party People! What are you waiting for? If the past is any indication, the world will always want to party, and the dynamic duo of DC The Brain Supreme and Steve Roll’n will almost certainly be back again, and again and again.

90’s Music Icons Tag Team Are Back

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