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The iconic old school hip hop duo Tag Team released their debut single “Whoomp! There It Is.” in a historic Atlanta blizzard weeks ahead of Freaknic in the spring of 1993. Not too long after that, DC (The Brain Supreme) Glenn and Steve (Rolln) Gibson were #1 on the Billboard R&B chart and at the top of the Billboard sales charts. They took up residence there for the next 2 years shattering several
Billboard records at the time. Next thing you know the childhood friends from Denver, CO now living in Atlanta, GA where on top of the music industry and traveling the world. They have become pop culture icons and ambassadors across every continent bringing worldwide attention to booty shake music from the south.
Tag Team Group Members DC the Brain Supreme and Steve Rolln on fire

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Today Tag Team consistently books energetic performances at NBA and NFL halftime shows, old school 90’s tours, music festivals, state fairs, charity fundraisers, and corporate events. “Whoomp! There It Is.” is a nostalgic piece of art forever etched in the fabric of American pop culture and Tag Team continues to evoke wonderful memories of youthful experiences that remind audiences what it unequivocally means to party.

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If you get the chance to talk to the Tag Team guys directly like I have, I highly recommend it! You will see how intelligent and aware they are of the hip-hop culture and how this affects the entertainment business. These guys really understand how to tell a story and what gets a crowd’s attention. Not only are they highly talented, but they also possess an incredible amount of integrity and authenticity. Doing what’s right still matters in our world, and DC and Steve get it! They always take the time to answer my questions in a thoughtful and meaningful way and all my interactions with them have been a positive and rewarding experience. They have insight and purpose and that’s the highest compliment I can give anyone in today’s business world.

Martin Gawlak, Bandturo